Friday, March 17, 2017

Some Challenging Ideas For Necessary Elements For Women Fashion

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Jeremy Corbyn However, Mr Corbyn told the Press Association it was not the job of Labour "to prevent people holding referenda". Senior Scottish Labour figures have strongly condemned Mr Corbyn - with the party's justice spokeswoman, Jackie Baillie, describing his comments as "misguided and irresponsible". She added: "They are an insult to the dedicated work of Scottish Labour MSPs, councillors, and thousands of activists who have campaigned against a divisive second referendum." 'Destroying the party' Labour's only MP in Scotland, Ian Murray, tweeted that Mr Corbyn was "destroying the party" - but Ms Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister and SNP leader, tweeted that it was "always a pleasure to have Jeremy Corbyn campaigning in Scotland". Mr Corbyn's remarks come amid speculation that Ms Sturgeon is about to demand a Section 30 order from Westminster, allowing another legally binding vote on Scotland's place in the UK to be held. Prime Minister Theresa May has so far avoided saying whether or not she would grant permission - instead saying only that she does not believe a second referendum should be held. Mr Corbyn suggested he did not think Westminster should seek to block a referendum, and was quoted by PA as saying that Labour "wouldn't block it". He added: "If a referendum เสื้อครอบครัว พ่อ แม่ ลูก is held then it is absolutely fine, it should be held. I don't think it's the job of Westminster or the Labour Party to prevent people holding referenda." He also stressed the importance of the economic ties between Scotland and the rest of the UK, and on the issue of further devolution stressed any new powers transferred north as a result of Brexit should go further than just Holyrood. Image copyright @IanMurrayMP Image caption Labour's only MP in Scotland, the former Scottish secretary Ian Murray, tweeted his verdict on Mr Corbyn's comments Image copyright @NicolaSturgeon Image caption Nicola Sturgeon also made her feelings on Mr Corbyn clear Mr Corbyn said: "I do think we should set it within the context of the economic relationship with the rest of the UK and the question of devolution of EU to English regions and to Scotland, and to parts of Scotland rather than just to the government in Holyrood. "The principle of regionalism is it goes to everybody within a region, not just to the central powers and the SNP have a bit of a tendency to centralise things around themselves." A spokesman for Mr Corbyn later told the BBC: "Jeremy reaffirmed our position today that if the Scottish Parliament votes for a referendum, it would be wrong for Westminster to block it. "Labour continues to oppose a further referendum in the Scottish Parliament and would campaign against independence if one were held." Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The prime minister has not said whether she would grant permission for a second independence referendum Mr Corbyn was speaking ahead of a speech to Labour's economic conference in Glasgow .

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